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Parking Lot Striping

Parking lot striping is a design strategy that provides parking space markings, markings for handicap spaces, and fire lane striping. Our parking lot striping services are ADA compliant and certified by the state of Alabama. Parking space markings can also provide drivers guidance to where they can park their vehicle and also helps them see other vehicles parked in the same parking lot. Parking lot striping can be done with paint on asphalt or concrete, depending on the parking lot.

Birmingham Paving Contractors know parking lot striping is one of the essential parts of your parking area. It’s necessary to know where parking spaces are and that roads keep cars moving smoothly through the lot or parking garage. This ensures a safe environment for drivers, employees, customers, and pedestrians, which all benefit from effective parking lot striping services in Birmingham.

Parking lot striping will get your property up to ADA standards.

Parking lot striping is an inexpensive way to get a parking lot up to code and look more professional. Birmingham Paving Contractors does this by using pavement markings or paint on the asphalt or concrete surface which delineates parking spaces and other areas of use within the parking area, such as pedestrian walkways. Parking lot striping also provides added safety for drivers because it clearly defines parking areas and parking lanes.

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At Birmingham Paving Contractors, parking lot striping is one of our specialties. We have a highly skilled team trained in parking lot striping requirements and the customization of the parking layouts for any space. You can be sure that we’ve got everything asphalt related covered, from parking lot striping and maintenance to parking lot installation or repairs.

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